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Flywheel and clutch kit help needed.

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 9:03 pm
by TeamEvil
We finishing up the engine for the V8 Transplant and are in an unfamiliar area right now.

The engine ('69 Camaro 327) is almost ready to go, just need to grab a distributor and some pulleys It's time to buy a flywheel/pressure plate/clutch/release bearing and could use some suggestions, info, help, on what size and style to buy. Seems like the 10.5 clutch kit is the way to go, but not sure really, just been reading and that's the one that some recommend. Not sure which flywheel to pick up, what diameter, lightened or stock weight, aluminum or steel.

Totally new territory and could use a guide to get us through. Probably like to get everything all at once and from the same place if possible, seems easier and less prone to our making a mistake, you know?

Thanks ! !


Re: Flywheel and clutch kit help needed.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:05 am
by Monza Harry
My first suggestion is to call a reputable manufacturer or even a supplier and answer all of their questions as honestly as possible. Go easy with the "Guesstimates" and find some real close examples on-line to gauge your estimates and reduce by 10%, remember Dyno numbers aren't usually optimised for street or track. Try maybe Lakewood, or Mc Cloud. They will need more info than you gave us and will know way more about this than I, and I think I am pretty knomledgable. Harry

Re: Flywheel and clutch kit help needed.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:15 am
by spencerforhire
In order to fit in the OEM V8 Monza cable clutch bellhousing that I presume you are using, you will need to narrow your search to 153-tooth 12.75" flywheels that will take a maximum of a 10.5" clutch. Also of note, there is not a lot of space in there, a short throw-out bearing is necessary, and stay away from pressure plates with raised fingers. if the 327 is fully built and you have short gears in the rear end, the aluminum or lightened flywheel might be fun, but if it's near stock(300-ish hp.), stick with steel, oem replacement.

Re: Flywheel and clutch kit help needed.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:38 am
by cjbiagi
Also, if you are using the stock H body bellhousing do not use the centerforce brand with the weights on them, they will not clear the clutch fork. Because of the light weight of H bodies you do not need a killer clutch, stick with a diaphram style to reduce the stress on the firewall and cable. I use a Hays "street" clutch setup that works very well along with their 30lb steel flywheel. You could go lighter as Spence said, depends on the gears you have. You will be fine with most name brand clutches, choose the shortest "short" throwout bearing you can find, helps with the clutch fork geometry. Make sure you understand how to adjust the clutch cable and pedal freeplay with the pivot stud on the top right side of the bellhousing. When you get to that point let us know if you are unsure.