just bought a monza. woohoo !

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just bought a monza. woohoo !

Postby crackfox1 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:23 am

Hello all, I've just took a big gamble in buying a car blind off of ebay. A 1980 Chevrolet monza spyder. I live in newcastle upon tyne in the north of England and the car came from Essex (some place near London). It's been in England since 1993 but was previously a one owner car from Gibraltar. The ebay ad read. Starts, runs and stops, all of which are true but there are problems in between that description. It has a 4 cylinder 2.5 which will hopefully become a v8 at some point. I must first get the car running properly and through an m.o.t. There are 3 problems to sort out. 1. Rear end of exhaust needs replacing. 2. The clutch pedal is about a foot in the air before it disengages. 3. The engine/oil light stays on and the idle is sky high. I've already read that the latter may be the oil pressure switch. The odd thing is the switch that's in has a single terminal but there's two wires. The switch has a 16mm tapered thread. Any information on the switch issue would be gratefully received. Thank you. Simon.
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