how did you fix youe dashpad?

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how did you fix youe dashpad?

Postby flowerz489 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:11 pm

Who has the best way to fix big cracks in the dashpad, I tried bondo , It looked okay once I sprayed it with rock gaurd.
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Re: how did you fix youe dashpad?

Postby cjbiagi » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:42 pm

I think it all depends upon what type of results you are after. There are vinyl repair kits at most auto parts stores that you can try or you can simply get a dash mat and cover it up. Otherwise you are looking at either finding a used one in better shape or if you want to spend big bucks have it shipped out to be professionally repaired.
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Re: how did you fix youe dashpad?

Postby monza75tc » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:51 pm

Here is thought, how about the filler for bumpers, apply same as bondo, but different finish....Just a thought.

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Re: how did you fix youe dashpad?

Postby vegastre » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:17 am

any reputable trim shop can recover it. the dashes are very small and can be streached with vinyl and finished with a french seam at critical curves. I really havn't time to take and load pictures of mine but it looks superb. My trim guy charged me $150 bucks and worth every penny.
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Re: how did you fix youe dashpad?

Postby 74_Vega_GT » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:40 pm

Wow!, Where has this thread been hiding? I would love to see those pics of the French seam job that you got for $150.00. I'm nearing that number now and am back at square one.
I would like to say that I have seen several videos up on U-tube concerning dash pad restorations and there is some good information to be gleaned. Concerning the cracks, I found that using baking soda and a good thin super glue seems to work fine for filling. I am using a Foam-Safe thin superglue that can be found at radio controlled model hobby shops. Sprinkle a fine layer of the baking soda...not baking powder..over the crack, skim it level with a credit card first, wipe off excess powder. Applying the superglue is tricky, gloves help. Start at one end of the crack and drip the superglue out, one drop at a time and give it a second or two to soak into the baking soda. Follow the crack to the end making each drops surface tension meld into a continuous drop along the crack. Quickly, (before it dries on you) add more baking soda to the crack by sprinkling it liberally and rubbing it lightly. You can blow off the excess powder and what you are left with is a mound of hardened material that will sand off level with 180 grit dry paper. Use a dust mask as you will not want to breathe this cyanoacrylic dust. This method will fix cracks in preparation for covering.
Most of the glues I have tried on the dashpad will stick better if you first rough up the plastic exterior coating with 180 grit. Super 77 spray glue by 3M seems to work well, however Elmer's has a glue in a dark brown bottle with a brush built into the top that works well also. There was a contact cement 50 years ago that had Goodyear's name on it that came in a brown bottle called PlyoBond that must have worked too well and was done away with that I wish I had to try.
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