Headliner in '75 Starfire

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Headliner in '75 Starfire

Postby olds70supreme » Sun Nov 27, 2022 9:29 pm

The headliner in my '75 sags in the front and has a tear on the passenger side near the seam, so while I am redoing the interior I pulled it out. It looks to be some sort of mesh fabric glued to a cardboard backing. Before I spend a bunch of time trying to make a new one out of new fabric and cardboard (or tagboard), who has done this style of headliner before and what do I want to know before starting?

What are the materials to use?
Is there a name for the original fabric material that is used?
Where to source the fabric?
Are there aftermarket replacements available (lol, yeah right :P )

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Re: Headliner in '75 Starfire

Postby classic_cruiser » Mon Nov 28, 2022 9:44 pm

I’m not sure of the specific headliner material used in the ‘75, but in my 80 sunbird I found a good fabric match at a local JoAnn Fabrics store. Just look for foam-backed headliner material. I think JoAnn’s has since gone out of business, but there are other places that sell similar material:




You have to get all the old foam off before you try to glue the new stuff on. Industrial adhesive like 3M 77 super spray adhesive works well to hold it on, coat both the backside of the foam and the panel board, then stick together- you only get ONE shot. I’ve tried it both by starting at one side and rolling to the other working it into the corner radiuses as you go, and I’ve also tried to work the center outward. Once you get a wrinkle it’s almost impossible to get out. I think it worked best for me when I sprayed the backer board, sprayed the center of the foam backside and pressed that onto the backer, and then spraying the outer parts of the foam backing as I went, pressing it down, if that makes sense.

There are other good adhesive brands too, I’ve also used some Loctite spray adhesive as well (don’t recall which though).


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Re: Headliner in '75 Starfire

Postby olds70supreme » Wed Nov 30, 2022 9:48 pm

My cardboard backing is in poor shape so I'm going to remake it. I'm thinking of using a cardboard slipsheet and using the old headliner as a template to cut it out. Hopefully it holds up over time.
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Re: Headliner in '75 Starfire

Postby monzaaddict » Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:53 am

I used 3/16 foamboard also called foamcore. Finding a large enough piece was a little difficult. I live near NYC and found it for cheap at a place called the setshop https://setshop.com/ Make sure you use good glue. weldwood landau top glue comes in spray cans. I would get 2 cans and do 2 coats on board and headliner. https://www.yourautotrim.com/welatopand ... MwEALw_wcB foam backed cloth headliner also was from the same store. Blue or medium dark denim would probably be your best match. They do sell samples - the samples were not exact matches to the sample card (something to think about). Someone else on facebook used corrogated plastic sheet from home depot https://s.yimg.com/aah/yourautotrim-sto ... card-2.png
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Re: Headliner in '75 Starfire

Postby Monza Harry » Wed Dec 14, 2022 8:03 pm

The '75 Second gen H-Bodies has a textured finish [little pyramids (?) for lack of a better term] I doubt you will find that but the foam/cloth you should be able to find, the instructions above for installation are spot on. Harry
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