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Best efi

Postby yfz450man » Sun Feb 13, 2022 10:17 am

Howdy all !
So I’m contemplating switching to an efi set up for my Spyder just a quick background on what I have
It’s a .040 small block trick flow heads, full roller drivetrain, edlebrock performer intake accel hei distributor
4 speed stock in the tank fuel pump

Ok now that is out of the way, I’m kind of at a loss on which efi kit I should go with I’d prefer something simply my dilemma is do I need to remove/replace the fuel pump or can I add an inline to bump the pressure up or will the stock one not be able to keep up ?
I put the motor in the car and as I understand it the fuel pump is supposed to be signaled via the oil pressure switch which mine does not have one so I’m assuming someone at some point was creative and wire to a key on set up so I hope that won’t be an issue

I’m sure someone has done this and if you could give me a direction and. Tips I’d so appreciate

I looked at the Holley sniper but it seems like general web consensus is run from that kit
Again any help would be appreciated
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Re: Best efi

Postby ColinOpseth » Tue Nov 08, 2022 3:44 am

I know this post is old.

Are you running a small block Chevy? There are two main types... Plate and port.. I would recommend a port induction system as they are more precise in regards to tune. They are more expensive and more complex.

- Holley's StealthRam
- GM's Tuned Port Injection
- TPIS MiniRam/MiniRam II
- First TPI

If you want to go with a plate system, there are many options.

Lots of other things to consider. You will need to run new fuel lines. You need a harness. You need a tune. There is a bit of wiring to do.

I can assist as I have a '95 LT1/6 speed manual in my '72 Vega.
'72 Vega with '93 Camaro LT1/M29 T56/12 bolt 3.31. 16" IROCs all around. Sanderson headers into duals with an H-pipe and Flowmasters. It's loud but at least it's faster than your grandma's Buick. pwned.
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