carburator problem, Please Help!!!!!!!!

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carburator problem, Please Help!!!!!!!!

Postby h-bot » Thu Oct 03, 2002 8:54 am


Hi, I have a problem with my holley, Ok the engine is a 350 with a
holley 1850-3.
When the car is at idle the fuel ratio gauge shows me that it is Ok
but when I put the car on heavy load or a cruicing speed like 55 or
60 mph it shows me a very lean condition, I think maybe the power
valve is not the correct for my vaccum, I have 15in at idle in drive
and I have a power valve 65, the power valve may open too late???
could this be the problem???.And this could be the problem of my
engine running too hot???
Please if anybody can help me with this one.
Thank you in advance

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