new owner of a '74 vega

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new owner of a '74 vega

Postby h-bot » Fri Nov 01, 2002 10:10 am


hello all,
like the subject line says i am the new owner of a 1974 Chevy Vega GT 2 dr
hatchback. this thing has been sitting in a dirt field for over 10 years
(last time it was registered was in '89) so it is currently in terrible
condition. the windshield is scattered all over the drivers and passengers
seat, the dash is in the back, steering wheel is gone, there are no keys to
be found, the original engine is sitting about 5 feet away from the car (and
i must say that that is the funkiest engine configuration I've ever seen),
the hood mounts are missing or broken so the hood is sitting next to the car,
the interior is shredded (brittle plastic; shreaded,faded carpet; ripped
seats; cracked dash pad), and the condition of the suspension is unknown. i
plan to restore and hot rod/street rod her. i have a 305 to build up and drop
in to her. i plan to mate that to a 4 or 5 speed (5 speed preferred) (and BTW
i like to rase as well so i need a tranny that can take a lickin' and keep on
so as you can see i have a lot of work to do. this is my first
rebuild and i have absolutely no idea where to start so if any one can give
me help or suggestions or info or whatever i would love it. also what are
some good sources for parts. and does any one have info on the history of the
vega. i am looking for as much info as possible, i want to know absolutely
everything i can so flood my inbox please. i need to know what I've gotten my
self into.

Thank you and sorry for the long winded email.
1985 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 SE
daily driver
1974 Chevy Vega GT
project car and future hot rod
<a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=189056080185056153090149066010158165134145091046167121181">tednelson83@a...</a>
if anyone has any info or parts to help me with
my vega restore, please contact me at <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=189056080185056153090149066010158165134145091046167121181">tednelson83@a...</a>

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