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Postby h-bot » Wed Nov 20, 2002 10:53 am


Hello everyone, I'm new to this group. I have a 75 Cosworth Vega
with a 76-80 Monza brake conversion. I was going to order a set of
Carbotech Panther + (desciption below) pads for a 76-80 Monza. Does
anyone want to go in on a group order? They are hand laid and would
be cheaper in a group of 5 or so. If there is any interest, let me
know at <a href="/group/virtualvegamonzaclub/post?protectID=219015091009099153112158148248006241071143042046167121181">chrislong@n...</a>

A high torque brake compound delivering reliable and consistent
performance over a very wide operating temperature range (150F to
1250F). Advanced compound matrix provides an excellent
initial "bite", high coefficient of friction (0.54-0.56), and very
progressive brake modulation and release characteristics. Extremely
high fade resistance, very rotor friendly at all temperatures,
excellent cold stopping power, and low noise when hot or cold.
Although primarily designed for track use, Panther Plus can also be
used on the street. As a result, Panther Plus is an excellent choice
for lapping day and high performance driver's schools on street
driven cars using street or R-compound tires, eliminating the need
to change brake pads at the track. In addition, Panther Plus has
seen some success as a race-only pad on lighter improved touring
race cars.

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