Starfire at the Track!!!

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Starfire at the Track!!!

Postby h-bot » Sat Apr 12, 2003 7:06 am

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I finally got to run my Olds Starfire at the drag strip on last Sunday. It was
a good day. The first 2 times I made passes my car was dieing and the tach was
going wild, popped my hood and found that the alternator wire was rubbed in
half and was grounding out when the motor moved. Opps. Instant change with it
fixed. I ended up shifting at 7000rpm not using 4th gear. I won my bracket
against another guy and won my first trophy. My best time 18.3 at 71mph. Not
bad for stock carb and tiny stock exhaust.

With the new Holley 2bbl carb, header and new exhaust, it should be a different
story. The built long block is being choked badly by the current setup, so
there should be alot more. This car is really impressing me for a four

Tyler Sweat
80 Olds Starfire

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