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Vega and Chevy Truck MUST go!

Postby h-bot » Sun Aug 25, 2002 10:28 am


Well, since I'm moving within the next month and where I'm moving to
I've got room for four rigs and my '71 vega notchback and '65 chevy
truck MUST go. If anybody is interested in either of these please
contact me.

The vega is a parts car and wouldn't make a very good car to fix up
unless you have high qualifications in rust repair/metal fabrication.
The entire front clip is missing as are the doors, bumpers, valences.
I do have good tail lights, reverse lights for this car and a few
good marker lights. It still has the original 1bbl 4cyl and 4 speed
tranny in it. All glass is good, the windshield has the antenna in
it. All trim pieces appear to be in great condition. I plan on taking
the rear end (if it has decent gearing or even a posi) and control
arms and boxing them up and selling them.

The chevy truck was going through the process of a frame-off
restoration that turned bad when we moved last time. It is to the
point of complete disassembly. I have both left and right front NOS
fenders that are still in the original box. All glass is good. Very
minor rust on this truck from what I have seen on other trucks of
this era. No motor, still have original powerglide tranny. Did have a
small block chevy. Has 12 bolt rear end with unknown gears. Has 15" 6-
lug chevy rallies with poor, dry-rotted tires, good trim rings and
two 4x4 center caps. This in a long-bed fleetside truck that has an
extra bed that goes with it, good doors. Also, this truck is a 2wd
that has wheels from a 4wd.

These must be gone before the end of september, if not I have no
choice but to send them off to car-guy heaven.

If you need any parts please make a reasonable offer and I will
gladly remove them for you and send them out once I receive the money.

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I am located in Rainier, Oregon which is located 45 minutes west of
Portland, Oregon.


PS: I can get pictures of anything you wish to have pictures taken

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