i'm selling my '76 monza

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i'm selling my '76 monza

Postby h-bot » Sat Dec 21, 2002 9:02 am

From: vega_guy_76_REMOVE_300700_THIS_@yahoo.com

Well, I've decided to sell my monza, I'm gonna sell it, buy a cheap
car and put the rest of the money into my vega.

Specs are as follows:

VIN #: 1R07G6C126854
Current Engine: 2.3L out of '79 Mustang 2bbl holley carb
Current Tranny: 4spd out of '79 Mustang
Rear End: 2.56 Posi out of '78 Monza
Current Mileage: 83,313 (as read off odometer, 80mph, needle is
broken off)
Factory Options (as read off order form found in glove box):

CF4 Sky Roof
LV1 4.3 Litre 2bbl V8 Eng
G80 Positraction
UA1 H/D Battery
J50 Power Brakes
D55 Console
C49 Rear Defogger
ZJ9 Aux Lighting
B37 Color Keyed Mats
D31 Inside Mirror
D35 Sport Mirror
B84 Body Side Moldings (not on car)
B93 Door Edge Moldings (not on car)
B96 Whl Opening Moldings (not on car)
UM1 AM RAdio W/Tape (car now has RoadGear CD Player)
N31 Sport Strng Wheel
N33 Comfortilt Steering
N41 Power Steering
82W(i think thats what it says) Spirit of 76 Bonus(not sure on the
word 'bonus' but it definately says 'spirit of 76')
N65 Stowaway Spare Tire
OKY BR70x13/C WS Tires
M40 Turbo Transmission

The car still has all of the above items except those I have said so
on, except i'm not sure what the 'spirit of 76 bonus' is. It still
has the center console, it has a semi-polished aluminum plate
surrounding the shifter with three gauges above the shifter (oil
psi, ammeter, water temp). The water temp and clock gauges in the
dash DO NOT work. I've looked at the paper above many times and this
is the first time I noticed the 'spirit of 76 bonus', whatever that
may have been. Also on the same paper it has the following info:

MFG. Suggested Price: 5,798.72
Price: 5,948.72
Date Ordered: 3/6/76
Preference Date: 3-23
Est. Shipping Date: 4-13
Factory Shipping Date: 4-8
Shipped Sealand: 5/6
Date in Stock: 5/11
Del. Point: Anchorage
Trim: PBB2 Black cloth
Color: 1313 Silver
Make: 1976 Monza
Model: 1HR07
Order NO. G5V893

As far as I know the car still has the original V8 frame stands, but
has the ford pieces bolted and welded to those. I DID NOT swap this
engine and tranny in. I got the car off Ebay 1 year ago. I have an
exhaust manifold that goes with the car, along with about a 3foot
section of exhaust pipe that should fit the shape of the monza(if
same engine is kept and exhaust manifold put on).

The engine runs decently, runs a little rich (always has since the
day I got it), it also diesels once in a while(havn't figured that
out either), has one hell of an exhaust leak from a broken header
flange. It has new bosch platinum spark plugs (about 5,000miles at
the very most). Even though the engine isn't perfect it always fires
up and seems to pull without hesitation once warmed up. When it's
cold (sat overnight, fire up in morning hold at about 2,500rpm's for
about 2 minutes and it'll then be warmed up enough to run without
dieing) it will backfire through the carb if you don't give enough
gas and give too much clutch. The tranny shifts freely and smoothly
into all four forward gears and reverse. The rear end feels strong,
posi feels extremely strong, almost feels like a spool or welded
rear (which I know for a fact that it isn't). When coming to a stop
the car seems to stop on a dime and give change back. When leaving
from the stop and making a 120* right hand turn the inside tire will
kinda 'chirp' it's way along, I think this is mainly my driving
habits, as it only does it if i get into it a little.

The car was painted (or so I was told) in 1991 with white basecoat
and blue pearl in the clear coat. The color is right, you will see
in the some of the better larger pictures the pearl really does show
up. The body is 99% dent free. There are minor door dings in the
doors that can only be noticed by looking from that certain angle.
There is also about a 4"x1/2" dent/crease (not sure what to call it)
in the hatch under the spoiler. The car has a spoiler that I have
not seen on an h-body before. The car also has a rear window louver
painted to match, cracked in two spots. The car has custom steel
side ground effects which can be seen in the pictures. Whoever
designed/built these did one hell of a great job, but living where I
do has taken its toll on them and are pretty beat up (folded under
about 1"). On the rear the car has re-drilled axles and drums to 5x
4-3/4" bolt pattern with 14" rims with 185/60/14 Federal tires. The
front I am still converting back to 4-lug. The left front is back to
4-lug with factory vented rotors and factory steel 'd-hole' rim with
a 'Tiger' brand 165R13 tire. The right front has factory vented
rotor redrilled to 5x4-3/4" bolt pattern with a 15x7 Allied Chrome
Mod with a Cooper Cobra 205/50/15. The front of the car has been
lowered considerably. The front lower control arms sit about 1-1/2"
from the bumpstop and have taken their toll on the bumpstops also. I
don't know if the rear has been lowered or not, but if the front
has, I would assume the rear has also.

The interior is about 90% perfect. The seats are a breed between
black vinyl and black cloth. The drivers seat has about a 4"x1/4"
spot of vinyl missing. The seats are all in great condition and give
great support for long trips (I know I've made many 4 hour trips in
them and gotten out feeling just as good as when I went in). The
carpet should be replaced, but looks just fine when the black
matching GM floormats are in place.

I know I'm probably forgetting something, feel free to ask ANYTHING.
My current asking price is: $1,200.

Pictures can be found here:
<a href="http://community.webshots.com/album/57329169YKVQJl">http://community.webshots.com/album/57329169YKVQJl</a>

I will be adding tons more pictures tomorrow.

Oh yeah, there must be a crossed wire or short somewhere as the
blinkers must be manually 'blinked' sometimes, and other times they
will blink on their own. And also the tach will read whatever it
wants to when idling, but the second you start to rev up the engine,
it'll read back to what it should.
I will gladly take anybody for a ride, and if you are still
interested, I will let you drive it. The last time I let somebody
drive it they scattered the tranny.

Again, feel free to ask my ANYTHING.

The car get's WONDERFUL gas mileage. I have averaged 30mpg cruising
at about 90mph.

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