334 with a 307 block and 350 crank

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334 with a 307 block and 350 crank

Postby h-bot » Thu Nov 22, 2001 2:45 am

From: cst70rocket_REMOVE_501015_THIS_@yahoo.com

does this motor run good? why are you using the
400 balancer on a 350 crank? I built a 307,.030
over,5.7 rods,custom pin height,late model 305 58cc
heads,crane .480,284 cam, performer intake,780 holley in my
'70 chevy p/u. I had a 3500 conv. and 3.73 gears and
it sounded awesome.Ran good on the highway,wound to
about 7 grand. Real turd on the track, best time of
15.35 @88. Embarrassing to say the least. The other 334
will be the better way to go. But if it works for you,
more power to ya. But the 334 did get about 18 or 19
mpg. May have been too much weight for the little
motor to be fast. Tuned the crap out of it. Had my
bluff in on most of the locals though,sounded tough.But
with the light weight I bet it is a screamer.I have a
'79 sunbird w/factory V8 and a 79 monza GT wagon that
I'm going to put a long rod 406 in. I'll tell ya how
they run soon. I will also try to post some pics.


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